2012 -2012 Officers are:                  Picture not up to Date
Worshipful Master - Wor. Bros. Kevin B. Guest - Behind Pedestal
IPM - Wor. Bros. Prithipal (Paul) Chhina - Back Row Center
Senior Warden - Bro. Rick Fairbairn - Back Row 1st left
Junior Warden - W. Bros. Louis Zabot - not in the Picture
Senior Deacon - Bro. Larry Glover - not in the Picture
Junior Deacon - Bro. Allen Beattie - third from left
Inner Guard - Bros. Larry Glover - Front Row 1st right
Chaplain - Wor. Bros. Dennis Lahue - Second Row 1st right
Senior Steward - Bros. Paul Brais - second from left
Junior Steward - Bros. Steven Dielschneider - Second Row left 4th
Tyler - Wor. Bros. Joe Jackson - Back Row 1st right
Director of Music - V. Wor. Bros. Wolfgang Scholz - Front Center    
Historian - Bros. Dale Gordychuk - Not in Picture
Director of Masonic Education - Rt. Wor. Bros. Klaus Blassing - Not in Picture
Director of Ceremonies - Rt. Wor. Bros. Ron Burnett - Second Row 1st left
Treasurer - Bros. Bill Hickman - Not in the picture
Secretary - Bros. Bill Hickman - Not in Picture
Financial Review Officer - Bros. Robin Cloutier,                  
Financial Review Officer - T.B.A.  
Committee Members
Wor. Bros. Dumpstrey-Soos, Wor. Bros. Joe Jackson, Rt. Wor. Bros. Ron Burnett,
Bros. Bill Hickman
Wor. Bros. Louis Zabot, Bros. Rick Fairbairn, Wor. Bros. Kevin Guest
Board of General Purposes:
Wor. Bros. Tom Balfour, Wor. Bros. Leon Dumstrey-Soos
Sick & Visiting:
V. Wor. Bros. Wolfgang Scholz, Wor. Bros. Tom Balfour
Community Relation:
Wor. Bros. Kevin Guest, Wor. Bros. Bros. Louis Zabot.
Also in the Picture visiting :

Grand Senior Warden: Rt. Wor. Bros. Murray Webster

DDGM District 12 - Rt. Wor. Bros. Craig Fraser-Easton

Distr. Grand Steward District 4 - V. Wor. Bros. Brian Marsh