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Board of General Purpose:

Wednesday November 4 th  2015 @7:30 PM at the Lodge






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All Officers are expected to attend.

All Lodge Members are welcome


Please forward dues to Secretary so that he may complete his duty.

2015 Dues are:

Local Brethren $ 185.00

Out of Town Brethren $ 115.00

Brethren over the Age of 65  $ 115.00

The above include $ 43.50.00 towards Grand Lodge Assessment 

$ 17.00 towards the Cancer Car Fund



Regular Communication:

Wednesday November 10th 2015@ 7:30PM at the Lodge




To receive reports of committees and conduct the regular business of Lodge

To Elect the Officers of Lodge 169 for the Year 2015 - 2016.



For 2014 - 2015


Worshipful Master = Bro. Steven Dielschneider

Immediate Past Master = W Bro. Tim Martin

Senior Warden = Bro. Allen Beattie

Junior Warden = Bro. Paul Brais

Senior Deacon = W. Bro. Ed Martin

Junior Deacon = W. Bro. Kevin Guest

Inner Guard = Bro. Mike McKie

Senior Steward = Bro. Harry Sandhu

Junior Steward = VW. Bro. Darcy Netzel

Chaplain = W. Bro. Dennis LaHue

Tyler = W. Bro. Tom Balfour

Director of Music = VW. Bro. Wolfgang Scholz

Historian = TBA

Director of Education = RW. Bro. Klaus Blassing

Director of Ceremonies = RW. Bro. Ron Burnett

Secretary/Treasurer = Bro. William Hickman

Financial Reviewers = Bro Gord Hamer

                                  W. Bro. Leon Dumstrey-Soos






Up -Coming Events:

Fun Night at the Lodge 7:00 PM

November 7th 2015


Remembrance Day

November 11.2015 at the Cenotaph at

11:00 AM.

Emergent Communications:





Fun Events:

 Prep-Night Social

November 25th & 26.

Come assist in the preparation of the Food and enjoy the fellowship.


 November 27th 2015 @  PM

At the Royal Canadian

 @ 5:30 P.M


Bro. Paul Braise  requires all the Help

he can get in order to make these Steak

Nights a success.


Updated November 3rd 2015 by wws & ms




2015 Fun Event:

 June 7th 2015 Masonic Golf Scramble





DDGM - RWB Travel Schedule:         

No Scheduled available so Far = TBA

Members are encouraged to Travel with the DDGM to make his travel easy.